04.03.2019 Analogue and digital meeting place for the Swiss MEM industry

Analogue and digital meeting place for the Swiss MEM industry


On 14 May 2019, the opening day of the two long-established trade fairs, PRODEX and SWISSTECH will be launching the digital meeting place Memtec.plus, which helps trade fair visitors to stay up to date and instantly find solutions to their challenges 365 days a year. Today’s beta launch means that those interested in Memtec.plus can find out more about the platform right now.



The comprehensive overhaul of the PRODEX and SWISSTECH trade fairs is moving into the next stage – between 14 and 17 May 2019, Messe Basel will once again be the place to be to discover interesting exhibitors, innovations, use cases, exhibits and much more. But this isn’t confined to these four days – thanks to the digital sector meeting place Memtec.plus, the Swiss MEM industry can continue to exchange and connect even after the event is over.


Quality boost for communication and networking

Nowadays, finding out information every two years just isn’t enough, which is why PRODEX and SWISSTECH are launching the digital meeting place Memtec.plus in collaboration with Industry+. “With Memtec.plus, we have created a platform where trade fair visitors can stay up to date and get to know new suppliers all year round,” enthused Eugen Da Pra, PRODEX and SWISSTECH Show Director. The visitors give details of their interests when registering, and regularly receive news updates from the Swiss MEM industry that are completely tailored to them – both on Memtec.plus and in a personalised newsletter.

But the content for this news comes not from the PRODEX and SWISSTECH trade fairs, but from the exhibitors themselves. This makes Memtec.plus a truly innovative online marketing solution for exhibitors. Thanks to the digital meeting place, target groups can be reached and approached all year round based on their areas of interest.

This means, for example, that a supplier of measuring devices can reach all visitors interested in “quality and process reliability” with its success story, or a supplier of 3D printers can invite users involved in “additive manufacturing” to its workshop.


Launch at the trade fair

The digital meeting place will be officially launched at the evening event on the opening day of PRODEX/SWISSTECH at 5.p.m on Tuesday, 14 May 2019.


Yet following today’s beta launch, interested companies and individuals can now register for Memtec.plus and discover and use the digital meeting place. All the information can be found at www.memtec.plus.

Several illustrious companies are among the digital pioneers, including: Blaser Swisslube AG, Dihawag AG, Hakama AG, Heule Werkzeug AG, Intool AG, NEWEMAG | Schneider mc, Schmidt Technology GmbH, Schmolz + Bickenbach Stahlcenter AG (Schmobi), Vischer & Bolli AG, Urma AG, Zehnder Group Schweiz AG. They are supporting the development of the digital meeting place and are therefore involved in the beta launch. Behind Memtec.plus are Exhibit & More Ltd, trade fair organiser of PRODEX and SWISSTECH, and Industry+, which developed the concept and technology for Memtec.plus.


1 ticket – 2 trade fairs – ample opportunities

If you want to attend the official launch of Memtec.plus, you need to visit both PRODEX and SWISSTECH with a ticket and go to the smart manufacturing platform at 5 p.m. on 14 May.

Free tickets for the MEM industry’s most important meeting place and marketplace for the are available online at www.prodex.ch and www.swisstech-messe.ch.



For more information, please contact:


Exhibit & More Ltd., Bruggacherstrasse 185, CH-8117 Fällanden

Eugen Da Pra, PRODEX & SWISSTECH Show Director, eugen.dapra@exhibit.ch

Lea Maurer, Head Communications, lea.maurer@exhibit.ch

+41 (0)44 806 33 33  /  www.prodex.ch, www.swisstech-messe.ch


Industry+ by Additively Ltd, Gasometerstrasse 9, CH-8005 Zurich

Dr Matthias Baldinger, Managing Director, matthias.baldinger@industry.plus

T +41 (0)44 552 44 64  /  www.industry.plus