10.03.2017 New trade fair experience at SICHERHEIT 2017

New trade fair experience at SICHERHEIT 2017


SICHERHEIT 2017 in Zurich makes safety and security come alive. With a variety of topic parks and «islands of thoughts», it creates a unique trade fair experience and an essential platform for maintaining and cultivating personal contacts.


Those who stand still don’t get anywhere. It is this insight that attracts around 10,000 visitors to SICHERHEIT – the most important and most comprehensive showcase for the Swiss safety and security industry – every two years. SICHERHEIT 2017 will once again open its doors from 14 to 17 November 2017. The trade fair is not standing still either and is offering lots of new platforms that will make all facets of safety and security come alive – interactive and fresh with a wealth of innovations, discoveries and experiences.


From the History Tunnel to the Innovation Park

Every product and every service in the safety and security industry has a story to tell that helps us to understand why present-day solutions are what they are. Using all manner of examples, the History Tunnel at SICHERHEIT 2017 will inform trade fair visitors about the developments and processes, from the original dangers and risks through to the latest solutions.

However, we should not just focus on the past and present. It is also necessary to look forward into the future. We Swiss are good at this: our country has an impressive level of innovation and stands out because of its high level of efficiency. Compared to other countries, the input of Swiss people generates a disproportionately large amount of output. Though, in order to meet rising requirements and demands, the Swiss safety and security sector urgently needs a suitable platform for innovations. SICHERHEIT 2017 is therefore launching the “SICHERHEIT Innovations Park” for the first time – a platform on which exhibitors, start-ups and universities can showcase their innovations to visitors, conference participants and other exhibitors.



Valuable exchange of thoughts and knowledge

These new platforms are popular among exhibitors because, as well as creating a unique trade fair experience, they also provide lots of opportunities to maintain and cultivate personal contacts. A prestigious trade fair like SICHERHEIT 2017 is unmissable for this exact purpose. One of the primary goals of SICHERHEIT 2017 is also to promote the exchange of thoughts and knowledge. The trade fair is therefore launching various «islands of thoughts», where visitors, exhibitors, students, journalists and conference participants can pose questions and share ideas. Perhaps this will result in an innovation that can be unveiled in the Innovation Park at a future SICHERHEIT.

As an integral and established part of SICHERHEIT, the specialist conference helps to promote this exchange of knowledge. And it’s not standing still either. In order to meet the requirements of visitors, exhibitors and conference participants even better in the future, the specialist conference will be completely integrated into the trade fair through a “room-in-room” concept. The SICHERHEIT specialist conference 2017 is now being held in halls 3 and 5 and is currently being optimised to allow more time for combined visits to the conference and trade fair. In the twelve scheduled conference modules, there will once again be practice- and solution-oriented talks of the highest quality by renowned speakers. Details of the programme will be available from June 2017.


Strong industry support

SICHERHEIT 2017 will once again enjoy the support and specialist knowledge of the most important Swiss professional and industry associations such as the SES (Association of Swiss Security System Installers), VSSB (Association of Swiss Locks and Builders Hardware Manufacturers), swiss safety (Association of Swiss PPE Suppliers) and the SSI (Swiss Association of Independent Safety and Security Engineers and Consultants).


And by the way: up-to-date information on SICHERHEIT 2017 can be found at www.sicherheit-messe.ch.


For more information about the SICHERHEIT trade fair, please contact:

Exhibit & More Ltd., P.O. Box 185, CH-8117 Fällanden

Show Director Heinz Salzgeber and Communications Officer Lea Maurer

Phone +41 (0)44 806 33 99, info@sicherheit-messe.ch, www.sicherheit-messe.ch


For more information on the SICHERHEIT specialist conference, please contact:

SAVE AG, Markus Good, Tittwiesenstrasse 61, CH-7000 Chur

Phone +41 (0)43 819 16 40, info@save.ch, www.save.ch